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Identifying and Correcting Anthropomorphism

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Anthropomorphism is the attribution of human characteristics to nonhuman objects or abstract concepts. In dissertations, many students will attribute human abilities to organizations, institutions, the study, or the methodology. See the following examples. Guess whether the example is anthropomorphism or not, then click the radio button to find out and to see how to rewrite the anthropomorphism.
(see page 117 of the 7th edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association)

The literature review plays a major role in that it justifies the need for the research.
The supply chain model desires the optimal contract form for the relationships between the acting partners.
Other research has focused on the role of parents in decreasing the dropout rate.
This research study explored the beneficial aspects of the relationship.
The chapter also presented a problem statement that predicated numerous research issues for study.
Taylor’s scientific management model provides a theoretical basis for understanding how organizational knowledge creation occurs.
The organization determined that employees who were at least 55 years old were eligible for early retirement.
Organizational leaders determined that employees who were at least 55 years old were eligible for early retirement.
The community program leadership was persuaded to allow five of the observers to become tutors.
The community program chose representatives for the meeting.
Soft data in the form of impressions, words, sentences, photos, and symbols associated with qualitative research, dictated different research strategies and data collection procedures.
The experiment attempted to demonstrate the relationship between teamwork and performance.
Table 1 compares the results of Group 1 to Group 2 on all dimensions of leadership.
Table 1 indicates Group 1 scored significantly higher than Group 2 on all leadership dimensions.
This assignment discusses aspects of three mixed-method case studies.
This purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between nursing home administrators' leadership style and adequate pain management.

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