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Are you ABD? (all but dissertation)

Are you not making any progress on your proposal?

Feeling overwhelmed by the process?

The BOLD Advantage: Dissertation Consulting

After over 15 years of providing editing, consulting, and statistical analysis services,
BOLD Educational Software
is proud to provide our Dissertation Consulting Service.
  • You will work with a dissertation coach whois there to answer your questions within 24-48 hours when you need information right now.
  • The dissertation coach is there to keep you inspired, encouraged, and productive.
This service is in addition to our editing service and is designed as an ‘as-you-need-us, when-you-need-us’ aid.

What can your dissertation coach help you with?

•Writing the problem statement
Writing the purpose statement
Finding the appropriate methodology and design
Designing survey instruments
Data collection
•Data analysis

What do you get with your dissertation coach?

Email or telephone consulting: email consulting within 24-hours and telephone consulting within 48-hours  mstrine@bolded.net or call 951-565-6244

Brainstorming: need help identifying your problem statement, purpose statement, or research questions? Your dissertation coach can consult with you to focus your problem and purpose statements and help you write clear research questions that address the purpose.
Motivation: having problems staying focused? Consult with your coach about how to stay on track.
Proof reading of individual sections: not sure if a paragraph or two, page or two, are ‘on track’? Get fast feedback from your coach.
Goal setting: Does the dissertation process look too overwhelming? Work with your coach to determine realistic short-term and long-term goals.
Time management: Just starting a new class? Consult with your coach to establish a realistic timeline to finish on time. Work with your coach on time-management skills.
Positive reinforcement: Talk with your coach about how to release negative energy and self-doubt.

How often does coaching occur?

Start with a free consultation.

After working with you to determine your needs, we’ll develop a plan and contact schedule to provide you with what you need to be successful. The contact schedule is designed to keep you on track.

Having problems communicating with your dissertation chair?
We’ll help you formulate effective emails that initiate and maintain a good working relationship.

How much does coaching cost?

Start with a free consultation.
It costs a lot less
than repeating a course or not finishing, thus losing salary increases and potential jobs!

BOLD Educational Software provides software and services designed to help
doctoral students complete their degrees in a timely manner


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